June 7th, 2020 at 7pm

Surfing anonymously and with little trace

[event announcement | deutsch]

As part of the 7at7 series, Digitale Gesellschaft offered in June 2020 an online course on protecting our privacy while surfing online, hosted on a BigBlueButton web conferencing and e-learning server, while a small group participated from the L200 space.

Course material:
- Slides on surfing anonymously and with little trace [DE | EN]
- A short guide to digital self-defense [DE]

In addition to the individual course material, we summarize available documentation for:
- Values of Internet Technologies (VIT)
- Hosting events online, focusing on the BigBlueButton platform

You can participate in this collective learning process by joining the 7at7 room at Digitale Gesellshaft's riot/matrix chat server (recommended platform for collaboration in groups), where you can report on your experiences with the recommended tools, share related resources, raise questions, and in general contribute to the knolwedge base that is being created.