Values of Internet Technologies

The goal of this page is to bring together the content and outcomes of the different 7at7 events, structured under the different values of Internet/digital technologies addressed.

It will be constantly under construction, and you are welcome to contribute to keep it up-to-date by joining the 7at7 room at Digitale Gesellshaft's riot/matrix chat server (recommended platform for collaboration in groups).

Privacy & Security

Related concepts
pro: encryption, decentralization, auditing, open source, data sovereignty, digital self-defence
anti: surveillance, smart city, big data, artificial intelligence

Key organizations
- Digitale Gesellschaft
- pEp foundation

Related 7at7 events
- May 2020 (basic computer protection and security of messengers and video conferences)
- June 2020 (surfing online with little trace)

Suggested tools/solutions
or which platform/software should I trust and invest on?
- A short guide on digital self-defence (DE)
- Digitale Gesellschaft slides [DE | EN]

Indepth analysis
or where can I find resources that will help me better understand the issues at stake?

or how can I become part of the solution and contribute to existing initiatives?

Open questions
or what is not obvious, and which are the trade-offs?

In the news
The hottest topic regarding privacy and security online is the contact tracing apps under development in different parts of the world. There are mny interesting articles to read (in german) by Digitale Gesellschaft, Republik, CCC, Netzpolitik.

Sustainability & conviviality

Related concepts
pro: human contact, organic/biological systems, degrowth
anti: artificial intelligence, algorithmic mediation/manipulation
Key organizations
- NetHood
- Transition Zuerich

Related 7at7 events
- July 2020 (meeting online and offline)

Democracy & Inclusivity

Diversity & Decentralization

Freedom & Openness

Knowledge & Empowerment

Usability & Humanity