7at7 Events Replay

All the material collected during the different 7at7 events in 2021 in the main language of the event (documentation for 2020 events is under preparation).

Mar2021 - Meet CIRCE [NEWS]

The full video of the event and a short summary are coming soon

Feb2021 - E-ID: What is at stake? [FULL]

Summary of the debate:

The main lines of argumentation of this very vivid and constructive debate could be summarizezd as follows:
  • Pro: An E-ID law is needed to protect citizens from the domination of big Internet corporations, and even if the technical implementation is not perfect it can be improved. There is no more time to waste!
  • Contra: Centralizing the power of creating and managing E-IDs creates single point of failures whose effect upon attacks or abuse by private companies can be really disasterous. We should only approve a law that promotes privacy-friendly and secure solutions by construction!

See also the collective notes taken (incl. all the messages in the chatroom):

Oct2020 - Freedom of information [FULL]

The replay of the videos and summaries of the 2020 7at7 events are under preparation.