July 7th, 2020 at 7pm

Meeting online: The tools, the processes, and the art of hosting

[event announcement]

The July 7at7 was the first hybrid event in the series, exploring the borders between physical and digital meetings.

The main (physical) stage was the L200 space, hosting a roundtable between experts having to host meetings and events online during the Corona crisis, who shared their experiences and lessons learned.

In our online BBB room, a small number of participants were invited to watch the roundtable with a supporting attitude, helping us to make sure the sound quality is good, and experiment with a format giving priority to the physical interactions at L200.

We learned a lot both from the past experiences of the roundtable participants but also from our common experience during the event.

A summary of important take-aways of this event will be soon published in this page.


sva (GNUnet, CCC-CH, pEp.foundation)
Katja Dörlemann (SWITCH)
Charlotte Schaeben (ETH Zurich, Design in dialogue lab)
Laurenne Descamps (ImpactHub, Circular Economy Transition)
Ramona Sprenger (Dezentrum)
Manon Fantini (Participation and inclusive processes)

Panayotis Antoniadis (ISOC-CH, NetHood, L200, Openki)

Online moderation
karlessi (C.I.R.C.E, alekos.net)
Jens Martignoni (ZHAW, Flexibles, NetHood)
Hernâni Marques (p≡p foundation)